Other Common Questions


How will I pay back my loan? How often will I make payments on my business loan?
There are hundreds of small business loans out there, which means there are plenty of flexible ways to repay your loan. Read all about your payment options here...
What is a lien?
Financing terms don't have to be complicated. Here's a quick, easy rundown of what a lien is and how it could affect both your loan and your small business.
What is APR?
Ready to learn more about interest rates? Here's a quick explanation of APR (annual percentage rate) and how it's calculated.
How much will the money cost?
There's no set cost to a small business loan. It can vary by your credit, income, and time in business, as well as the loan type. Read more about it here.
How are business loans different from personal loans?
All money isn't created equal. See how business loans are different from personal loans, and how innovative technology has made it much easier to get a business loan than ever before.