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  1. How do I get a business loan?

    How easy or hard it is to get a business loan depends on where and how you apply. Learn about the traditional bank application processes versus more modern online application processes like Lendio's.
  2. What kinds of small business loans are there?

    There are plenty of small business loan options out there. From SBA loans to equipment financing, lines of credit to merchant cash advances, our marketplace features loans from 75+ lenders.
  3. How are business loans different from personal loans?

    All money isn't created equal. See how business loans are different from personal loans, and how innovative technology has made it much easier to get a business loan than ever before.
  4. What is a short term loan?

    A short term loan is just like it sounds - the term is typically short and you can get funded fast. Read more here about how to get a short term loan for your small business.
  5. What is accounts receivable financing?

    You can leave all those unpaid invoices sitting there or you can put them to work for your business when you need a little extra cash. Here's how accounts receivable financing can boost your business.
  6. What is a VA loan?

    Want to learn more about the VA loan? You're in the right place. Click here to read how veterans, reservists, military members and their spouses use VA loans.
  7. How do I get funding for a startup?

    It might be easier than you think to get funding for your startup - there are plenty of small business loan and credit card options for new businesses. Learn more about how to get funded right here.
  8. Which loan option is best for my business?

    Which loan is best for your small business? The short answer: whichever loan fits your needs, budget, and timeline. Click here to learn more about comparing and choosing the ideal small business loan.
  9. Are there small business loans for minorities?

    The short answer:  Yes, you have more small business loan options than you think  - but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.  The long answer:  If you feel like you’ve had a hard time finding a small b...
  10. What is a merchant cash advance?

    Ah, a merchant cash advance - one of the fastest ways to get small business financing. Click here to get the lowdown on how you can use a merchant cash advance to kickstart your business in 24 hours.