Updated Articles

  1. Will I qualify for a business loan?

    Qualifying for a small business loan is easier than you think - especially if you apply through a lending marketplace, which gives you access to 75+ lenders instead of just a single bank.
  2. Why do you pull credit?

    Is a credit check necessary for you to get a loan? Should you expect a soft or hard credit pull? Will it impact your credit score? Here's the quick, clear answer you're looking for.
  3. Which loan option is best for my business?

    Which loan is best for your small business? The short answer: whichever loan fits your needs, budget, and timeline. Click here to learn more about comparing and choosing the ideal small business loan.
  4. What kinds of small business loans are there?

    There are plenty of small business loan options out there. From SBA loans to equipment financing, lines of credit to merchant cash advances, our marketplace features loans from 75+ lenders.
  5. What is equipment financing?

    What is equipment financing? Does it cover tools and tractors? What about office supplies? Read the nitty-gritty details here.
  6. What is a business credit card?

    Is all plastic created equal? Not when it comes to small business financing. A business credit card is different from those personal credit cards in your wallet. Learn more about it here...
  7. What documents do I need to apply for a business loan?

    The documents you need to apply for a business loan depend on where you're applying and what you're applying for. Here's the simple way to apply for your loan without killing a small rainforest.
  8. What do banks require for a loan?

    Get a pen because you'll need to make a list of all the documents a bank asks for when you apply for a loan. Here's what you'll need to collect - and a cool tip for how to simplify the process.
  9. How to start a food truck business

    Food trucks are all the rage these days. Here's how you can start your very own food truck business.
  10. What are the most profitable businesses?

    Thinking about starting a business? Here are the most profitable businesses you can start.