Updated Articles

  1. What is a term loan?

    What's a small business term loan, and why do you want one? Well, for starters, it's one of the most flexible financing options and you can get funded in as little as 24 hours. What's not to like?
  2. What is a short term loan?

    A short term loan is just like it sounds - the term is typically short and you can get funded fast. Read more here about how to get a short term loan for your small business.
  3. What is a lien?

    Financing terms don't have to be complicated. Here's a quick, easy rundown of what a lien is and how it could affect both your loan and your small business.
  4. How will I pay back my loan? How often will I make payments on my business loan?

    There are hundreds of small business loans out there, which means there are plenty of flexible ways to repay your loan. Read all about your payment options here...
  5. Does my credit score matter?

    Is your credit score really the last word in getting a small business loan? Nope. There are plenty of factors lenders look at when determining whether to give you a loan. Read more here...
  6. What is a commercial mortgage?

    How can you use a commercial mortgage? Oh, let us count the ways. Seriously - you can use it to buy, build, expand, remodel, or even refinance. Now there's a cool small business loan!
  7. What is a merchant cash advance?

    Ah, a merchant cash advance - one of the fastest ways to get small business financing. Click here to get the lowdown on how you can use a merchant cash advance to kickstart your business in 24 hours.
  8. How are business loans different from personal loans?

    All money isn't created equal. See how business loans are different from personal loans, and how innovative technology has made it much easier to get a business loan than ever before.
  9. What is an SBA Express loan?

    Fast approval, fast funding - what's not to like about the SBA Express loan? See how you can leverage the SBA Express loan to give your small business the boost you've been looking for.
  10. What is an SBA 7(a) loan?

    The SBA 7(a) is one of the most flexible loans for small business owners. See why this government-backed loan is a favorite of everyone from startups to the most seasoned small business owners...