What is a commercial mortgage?

That’s a great question. Basically, a commercial mortgage (also commonly called a commercial real estate loan) allows you to use the equity in your office building or other property to get cash for things like buying, building, expanding, remodeling, or even refinancing and getting cash out of your small business.

The favorable interest rates for commercial mortgages (as low as 4.25%) make them mighty desirable. And don’t let the rates fool you into thinking these loans are small potatoes—you can qualify for up to $5,000,000, with a term of 20-25 years.

The qualification process for a commercial mortgage is fairly straightforward. Lenders will evaluate your credit history, then take a look at the value of the property you’re using as collateral. They’ll also scrutinize your plan for using the loan, so don’t put that off until the last minute. Take the time to truly showcase your strategy, whether it’ll be applied to a restaurant, office space, warehousing, or some type of retail shop.

All it takes to view your commercial mortgage options is about 15 minutes. Simply fill out our online application, then get instant access to 75+ leading lenders from around the country. Our funding managers are happy to walk you through the process and help you choose the perfect loan for your needs.