Why do you pull credit?

Well, credit is an important factor when it comes to qualifying you for certain loan products. Your credit history provides a snapshot of your financial stability - or instability. So in order for our application to deliver accurate information on the best loans available to you, we need access to your credit.

The next thing to know is that we only do a soft pull on your credit. “What’s the difference is between a hard pull and a soft pull?” you may be wondering. In a nutshell, a soft pull is just a quick inquiry that doesn’t have any effect on your credit. 

Once we’ve done the soft pull, you’ll get access to more than 75 lenders from around the country. As you review these offers, feel free to contact our funding managers. They’re happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process step by step.

By the way, there may be some loan products that require a hard credit pull in order to verify your qualifications. So if you choose one of these options, we’ll be sure you’re notified well in advance that there will be a hard pull on your credit.